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MANIPAL AFC HOSPITALS is a modern medical center with complete facilities


MANIPAL AFC HOSPITALS has treated numerous patients since its inception in 2014. It’s best-in-class doctors are ready to serve their best in the state-of-the-art world-class facility..

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In association with MANIPAL HOSPITALS, AFC Health Limited has introduced a tertiary level Cardiac Care Hospital in Chittagong. After successful operation of Khulna Hospital..

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In association with MANIPAL HOSPITALS, AFC Health Limited has introduced a tertiary level Cardiac Care Hospital in Comilla. After successful operation of Khulna and Chittagong Hospital..

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Mr. Anowar Hossain, 70 years old non-diabetic, hypertensive male, presented to ER from another hospital as case of Acute STEMI(Inferior) with RVI with Posterior extension (Thrombolysed) with junctional bradycardia with Cardiac arrest. After diagnosis, Inj.Streptokinase was started for thrombolysis on that hospital. After 20 minutes of starting Inj. Streptokinase, patient went on cardiac arrest, then CPR was started immediately & endotracheal intubation was done. Then patient was referred to our hospital for further management. After evaluation on ER, he was advised for TPM with emergency CAG. Then he was shifted to Cath Lab for further management. Alhamdullillah He is good now.

MANIPAL AFC HOSPITALS performs angioplasty on 106-yr-old woman

AFC Health Fortis Heart Institute in Khulna performed primary angioplasty on an elderly woman to re-establish blood circulation to her heart. Then Primary PCI procedure was done with support of Temporary Pacemaker. The patient was discharged from the hospital in good condition and is doing well, says a press release. Dr SM Mamun Iqbal said, “As far as I know, there is no reported case in medical history which says this procedure was performed on such an elderly patient. We can say it's a success for our country.” The 106-year-old woman from Bagerhat was moved to AFC Health Fortis in Khulna after a heart attack. When her heart beat was found to be irregular, she was rushed to Cath Lab where after an emergency angiogram, the PCI procedure was conducted.


New Delhi/NCR, November 29th, 2018: For the first time in India, a team of doctors led by Dr Ashok Seth, supported by Professor Saibal Kar of Smidt Heart Institute, Cedars Sinai Medical Centre, Los Angeles, successfully performed the catheter based procedure of MitraClip to repair a leaking heart valve without surgery in a 69-years old gentleman who was suffering from repeated heart failure and in whom open heart surgery was not possible. The patient had previous bypass surgery 13-years ago and more recently his heart was getting enlarged due to a severely leaking valve leading to breathlessness and heart failure. Till now, open heart surgery with repair or replacement of the valve had been the only possible treatment for such patients in India but it is often high risk and may not be beneficial. Similar, was the case in this patient and so he underwent the MitraClip procedure successfully. Dr Ashok Seth, Chairman, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute said, “The MitraClip is a novel catheter based non-surgical repair of the mitral valve inside the heart and is performed in the Cath Lab like angioplasty. Special catheters are inserted through the large vein in the groin and the catheter is passed from the right chamber of the heart to the left chamber of the heart by puncturing the partition called interatrial septum. Then under echocardiography and X-ray guidance a clip is put on the leaking mitral valve to decrease the leak which improves the condition of patient. The patient is normally ready to be discharged in 24-48 hours’ time.”

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

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